Förälskad i milda och starka färger!!!

Denna kväll hade jag bestämt mig för att lägga in ett skönt inlägg. Jag är en varm person och gillar verkligen färger. Inte så starka....kanske!? eller NGT!Pasteller är så mysiga. Man kan variera dem starka och dem milda toner.

Sommaren 2008's tema är ju FÄRGER!!! komponera, damer? Sådan ska vi pröva och varför inte våga? Leka med färger!!! Jag vågar, är Ni?

Tonight, I decided to post a nice post. Or maybe a shocking post to others. As I grew up in an exotic country, I love colors. Pastels in color are so cozy for eyes and of course in general. It varies to strong & mild tones. I love earthy tones & mix w/ a lil strong contrast? Hmmm...do it works?

Summer 2008 theme is all about colors, right? Compose , mix & play are the 3 words I love to try, I dare, ´bout you?

Just look at the mild color of this cozy lounge...luv it!

Another cozy & a lovely bathroom...I can die for it!!!

I LOVE the perfect color combination, don't YOU?
Image courtesy by: Designer's Guild

This is the only thing i can share for this evening. Hope everybody's in the best of everything and enjoy the evening ahead.

Den enda jag kan bjuda för ikväll och hoppas att alla har en trevlig kväll.

*roger & out"

Postat av: synne

Härliga bilder. Badrummet gillade jag.
Alla färger är vackra när man komponerar ihop de med andra.
Ha en fin fredag.
Kram Synne :D

2008-05-23 @ 07:19:30
URL: http://nabolandet.blogspot.com
Postat av: Relyn

Thank you for stopping by my blog, for it gave me a chance to visit your beautiful world.
I do love your images - even the last one.
Though I don't think I could live with it all the time.
It was nice to visit you.
I hope you'll come see me again.

2008-05-23 @ 09:58:51
URL: http://comesitbymyfire.blogspot.com/
Postat av: CHIE

Re: Synne

Tack att du gillade min stil §:-))

Hoppas du har en skön fortsätt dag.


2008-05-23 @ 11:58:16
Postat av: CHIE

Re: Relyn

Wow!!! you came to Stockholm to see me? Thanks for that.

Yes, it's always nice to visit other blogs w/c bring us in another point of view.

Thanks too for liking my room and really appreciate it. Hope to visit each other again.


2008-05-23 @ 12:00:12
Postat av: desiree

haha roger you really shocked me with all the pink colors.. act. I do like purple, and blue aswell as all the greys I even have a shocking big red lamp in my living room... It is good we are not alle the same ! And ofcourse my little naughty story about the awards wasn't personelly for you , but in general (I think you understood that didn't you) so Big Hug from me to you , desiree

2008-05-23 @ 15:42:25
Postat av: Chie

Re: Des

he he! roger!!! i do like the pink & green combinations. This will be my color in our living room soon. Give me sometimes and I'll show you the outcome.

Not offended, my dear friend. Am not that kind. I always respect one's decision. Cyber is a free world, so say whatever may come across your mind.

The reason why I choose you & i know your worth it? YOU'RE a true blogger. Always response back to your visitors.

Many a "so called bloggers" just post what they have in my mind and never response to their visitors? that's what I call a green-ones.

UR a true-blue. Keep on going, girl...

Have a wonderful w/nd 2 u & ur fam,

2008-05-23 @ 19:08:59
URL: http://pikitinianos.blogspot.com

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